Sunday, July 28, 2013

35, 36, produce, and a moose

A little mash of this and that...

Blocks 35 and 36 for our quilt are done!  I am officially done with blocks.  :)

I was going to lay them out, but didn't have this is the best sneak preview I can give you.

I have been working since these pictures.  All of the blocks are sewn in rows with sash pieces in between and sash pieces between the rows are sewn together.  Monday's nap time will be sewing my rows together and adding the border.  Pictures of a finished top will be coming soon!

We have lots of raspberries coming in, about 2 to 3 cups everyday.  We have been freezing the ones we  haven't eaten and are up to about 12 cups for future use.  I really thought about making jam, but I can't justify making our overall small haul into jam because we just don't have enough needed to boil down to those small jars.  We are talking about letting them expand down the bed they are in, so that may be in the future.  We are also pulling in lots of tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and green beans.

Please meet Timothy the moose.  We have no idea where he came up with the idea to make antlers with his hands, but he came out of the bathtub Saturday night with his thumbs on his temples and proclaiming, "Moose!" as proudly as he could.  After he put his pj's on, he was stomping through the house and roaring because he was a dinosaur.  This morning, he was a super hero, complete with a napkin cape.  Life is never dull.  :)

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