Thursday, July 18, 2013

a little sewing

I have been doing a little sewing here and there, but with family in and out, going to the lake for our anniversary, and Vacation Bible School at our church next week (and I am directing it), I haven't got a whole lot, but what is done is cute!

Here is a little quilt for a little girl.  We made a sparkle punch/wonky star (whatever you call it) quilt as a group and I took on the challenge of using the scraps to come up with something.  Our large quilt is a rainbow of colors, and while I certainly could do that, I found an overwhelming amount of pink and purple in my bag o' leftovers.  So I made a quilt only a little girl would love.  :)  It is 34" by 41" (after washing)  and quilted with meandering loops.  We will either keep it in the guild stash to be used in our area for a little girl that we hear is ill, or donate it to project Linus.  It also happens to be my u.f.o. challenge for this month.  Double score!  :)

I really want to finish our bed quilt before the end of the summer, so I sat down and cranked out SIX BLOCKS!  :)  The blocks above use this tutorial and the blocks below use this tutorial.  Now on to finish the last three.  That's right!  Only 3 blocks left!  I started this process sometime last September or October, so I am anxious to get this thing wrapped up before I hit the one year mark.  Looking forward to putting it together!  

The last three blocks will have to wait...I have cardboard grass to paint green, brown paper bags to stuff and spray paint gray, and ladders to disguise into mountains.  Oh the fun of vbs week!

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