Monday, July 22, 2013

Throwing in the Towel

So, the cabbage worms beat us this year.  We pulled up the cabbage and brussels sprouts.  I think next year we will have to net everything...avoiding chemicals is so difficult at these times!  Oh well, hoping for a better turn out next year.  :)

Meanwhile, Mr. Water has been officially employed by his father...

...and my mid-summer flowers are all blooming!

Check out the height on these beauties!

The coneflowers are out!

And someone is sneaking out to say hi while I am trying to take pictures in the front...

I love my little man and can't get enough of him!


  1. my cabbage looks even worse! i decided to leave it though; maybe the bugs will keep eating it and leave everything else alone. :)

    1. Our squash and pumpkins are always in need of more space, so we opted to pull it. I think next year we are going to plant the broccoli, cabbage, and brussels sprouts next to each other and net them.