Sunday, August 18, 2013

40 pounds of tomatoes

Yesterday we spent the day in our kitchen, canning the essence of summer.  40 pounds of it!  By the end of the day, we were tired and sticky, but happy that we have lots of goodies to use over the coming months.  

First, I got to use my new food mill that I got for Christmas.  It was awesome!  I am looking forward to making more tomato sauce.  :)  Jared took one look at it and wanted to know why we didn't use it to make chokecherry juice.

Oops.  We know now for next year!

Mr. Ham saw the camera and came over for his picture...

Sauce ready to be boiled down...

Jared had to work for his salsa!  I  had some bad reactions last year to peppers, so Jared did all of the peppers, onions, and cilantro for the salsa.  It was a huge help and the salsa smelled AMAZING as we cooked it down.  We definitely have more salsa making in our future.

The results!   3 quarts of tomato sauce, 11 pints of crushed tomatoes (some are yellow!), and 5 pints of salsa.

We also ended up with 2 partials that will be spaghetti sauce this evening for dinner.  Yum!

The kitchen is now closed for a few days...the weeds in my garden and the sewing machine is calling my name!

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