Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mid August Garden

Well, as you can see, things have gotten a little bushy in the garden.  The tomatoes and cucumbers have reached the hedge stage and we are finally enjoying their produce.  You'll notice a rather bare spot in front here.  The pumpkins were done.  We got 6 beautiful pumpkins hardening on the deck (I'll have to grab pictures of them soon) and the vines were dying, so we ripped them out.  I wonder if it was just too moist for them, or they were just done, I am not sure.  Anyway, we have a crop of bush beans planted in there under some grass clippings.  Hopefully we will get a second crop in here before it gets too cold.

Jared had fun picking these monsters that were finally more red than green.  They will become a nice batch of salsa that he will probably eat singlehandedly.  :)


Hope you have a great week!

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