Friday, August 23, 2013

Baby Quilts for Sale and some Yummies...

So, I have been sewing for my craft show booth, even if I haven't been posting too many pictures.  I thought it would be fun to take a picture of all of these quilts at the same time.  But I couldn't wait anymore - here are the first 8, with 4 more in the works!

My little helper :)  I have had a lot of help with these quilts, too.  A friend quilted all of them with perfection, complete with minky backs!  She also whipped a couple of the tops up too.  :)  When I got them back from her, I have been sewing the bindings on the front and passing them to my mother-in-law who has been hand stitching the bindings on the back.  Thank you to both of you!

Timothy really enjoyed the farm ones...especially the tractor blocks.  My favorite of the group has to be the pastel one on the right in the picture above.  Lots of pretty little flowers, bunnies, and little girls sitting cross-legged and reading books to chickens.  :)

The pastel one in this picture is flannel.  The rest of them are quilting cotton from good shops with cotton batting.

I have been enjoying the work with all of the minky backs!

So there you go.  8 blankets done with 4 more that I will show you when they are completed.  They all measure in at 27" x 32", perfect for tucking in a carseat, stroller, or your diaper bag.  I am selling them for $40, so if you need a blanket or know someone who would like to receive one as a gift, let me know.  :)  My first craft show will be in October, so act now, or the one you want may be gone!

More craft-showing items to come.  :)

Adoption update:  No news.  Praying continuously.

Canning update: (because you love knowing what is in my pantry...admit it)

 9 - 12 oz. jars of chokecherry syrup (soooo good!)

8 - 8 oz. jars of peach salsa (yummy!)

9 - 8 oz. jars of pizza sauce!  (super easy, and so nice to know we can whip out pizza night and have sauce from our tomatoes!)