Monday, August 20, 2012

what I have been up to

The blob is growing!  Thanks to a trip down to Yankton for the River Boat Days festival, I was able to double it's size very quickly.  The point of this is not to rush though...this is my project for the car and when Timothy is playing outside in his water table and I am lounging in a chair nearby.  But I really want to use it, so the intended leisurely pace has been quickened.  :)  For reference, it needs to double and a little more in length, plus be another hexagon or two wider at it's widest point to be ready.  So I still have lots of hexagons to sew.  

Second, I decorated another wall in our house.  :)  I saw this idea on pinterest for a few frames with clips to hold artwork and/or school papers.  The "home sweet home" sign I bought (sorry if that is a disappointment), but I saw it at Pamida on clearance, so I took the easy way out.  The frames all came from garage sales or the thrift shop and spray painted a glossy green.  With Jared's help, I added cork to some of the frames and the two frames without clips will have chalkboard inserts.  The chalkboards are still being painted and may take a little while to complete because somebody got a new toy in the mail today...

When we were dating, Jared would tell me that one of his goals was to learn how to play the banjo.  Here we go!

And a cute picture of Timothy to round everything out!

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