Sunday, August 12, 2012

Small project update

I have a couple of larger projects that I am currently binding (yay!), but I have recently been working on a few smaller projects...

1. Potholders - a great way to use up scraps.  I have several sets I would like to make for our LWML bizarre this October - all of the funds go towards different mission projects.  I can crank a few of them out and bind them in the car.

2. Dishrags - because you can never have too many.  :)  I am also trying to get a few done for the already mentioned bizarre.  Great for the car.

3. Hexagons - my new obsession!  I have seen many people working on these and I have never tried English paper piecing.  I am looking to make a table runner out of these.  The first few I basted I put together right away to see what they are going to look like.  Love!  I have 160 cut, ready to be basted and then sewn together.  I have no idea how many it takes, but I'll let you know.  This is also a great road project.

Do you see the running theme?  We have 4 upcoming trips to Sioux Falls for various reasons (a 3-hour trip each way) and hopefully a trip out to Spearfish over Labor Day weekend.  Looking forward to using the family trailer for a peaceful getaway...and lots of productive time in the van!

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