Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2 quilts to give away

First, a baby quilt for Project Linus.  Made with a double hourglass pattern found here.  It is a 36 inch square, perfect for throwing over a baby carrier, in the stroller, or stuffed in a diaper bag.  My friend Sonya quilted it for me in one day (because she is awesome and a workaholic like me) and it just came out of the dryer soooo soft!

Second, a wedding gift for a friend that was married over a month ago.  Oops!  It was all done before the wedding, but I decided to quilt it with lots of wavy lines that turned out awesome, but took a lot of strength that I didn't have right after a c-section.  So, a little at a time, it is finally finished.  58" x 66" and made from a pattern I found in a quilter's magazine (if I could find it, I would tell you which one).  Blessings on many happy years Michelle and Nate!

I got both of the bindings done over 2 days, although I am not sure how that happened.  :)


  1. Very beautiful, especially the first one!!
    It must have been a lot of work...

  2. I'd love to know how you went about quilting it on your machine! And I love that the second quilt has feet... :)

    1. As it was feeding through, I moved it back and forth. For taller waves I really swung the quilt, for shorter waves it was just a little bit. It took a lot of shoulder and back strength that I wasn't expecting. Isn't my husband amazing for holding my quilt off of the ground? :) In his dress shoes no less...

  3. This is such a great quilt, and I love the addition on the back. Thanks for linking up to 100 Quilts for Kids!

  4. The top quilt won a 100 Quilts for Kids prize. Yippe. This is beautiful. email me your address swimbikequilt at gmail dot com. and thanks so much!