Monday, August 27, 2012

The tomato invasion

So we have plenty of tomatoes coming...too many to just eat sliced so the processing is going to start.  :)    We are also getting lots of beans now that the weather cooled for a bit (although it wasn't for long).  Hoping to freeze some of these for the middle of the winter too.

And just for you Kim, I have a few baseball bat sized zucchini coming your way...lock your car doors ;)


  1. You're so artsy! I just picked our last batch of beans and pulled the plants. I'm hoping to actually do some fall planting this year but I'm not sure what to grow besides lettuce. I'm hoping to find some more swiss chard seeds but otherwise not sure what else.

  2. I am thinking swiss chard this fall too. We are going to try to get a fall planting of garlic in when the tomatoes and beans are done here and maybe some more radishes too.