Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday afternoon nap

There is nothing like coming home from church and taking a nap. Poor little man woke up this morning with a stuffy nose, so we curled up together on the couch after he whined and sneezed for 30 minutes in his crib. I got my snuggles and he feel asleep, breathing through his mouth and snoring. :) By the way, he is now 13 months! More on this in a later post...

I have been able to get a good length done the past few evenings and in the car to Spearfish and back. I am hoping to get another good chunk done tomorrow on the way to Sioux Falls and back.
This was taken about 3 seconds after the above picture. I guess she knows how to pick out a comfortable spot...

Jared had a good appointment with the surgeon about his shoulder and was able to get in for an MRI right away. I'll post more details when we hear the results from the MRI, but it looks like he will need surgery to repair some kind of tear.

Tomorrow we head to Sioux Falls for Timothy's appointments with the pediatric specialists. We are hoping that we can get the go ahead to start weaning him off of the feeding pump. Keep us in your prayers!

Oh yeah, and I am still pregnant. :) We are at 15 weeks now and everything is looking good!

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