Monday, January 23, 2012

It's here!

I am really excited today for my new piano! I have been looking for one the last couple of weeks and have seen several in the area. I had just about resigned myself to a 1926 BEAST of an upright when this lady called about her 2 pianos, one of which she wanted to get rid of. Saturday I went over to see it and was shocked to find a 5 year old Samick piano that was in great shape! After coming home and talking to Jared about it, we called her back yesterday saying that we wanted to go ahead and purchase it. She called me back this morning and said they could bring it over this afternoon! I was so excited! It needs a good tuning, but should be ready here in a week or two for concerts and teaching lessons. Now I just need to put an ad in the paper for a couple of students... :)

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