Thursday, January 19, 2012

Quite the month

Did you know that there are coin operated trains in the mall? Maybe I just never noticed them before. But now that I have a little boy who loves to watch anything in motion, I notice things like this and we stopped to watch. And he loved it! :)

Unfortunately, this past weekend, Timothy also picked up a stomach bug. It started Saturday morning and by Sunday afternoon, we were visiting the local hospital and getting fluids. We went in thinking we were going to be there for just a few hours getting fluids and we ended up spending 2 nights. Timothy didn't seem to mind, other than having the IV put in and taken out. All of the nurses came by to say hi and he happily gave smiles to everyone who came in except the nurse that held him down while they were doing the IV.

I am happy to report that we are back home, sleeping in our own beds and not spitting up everything. We are checking in with his doctor tomorrow, just to make sure.

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