Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Direction

Well, we had a really good trip to Sioux Falls yesterday. Timothy is being switched to 30 cal/ounce formula so he can continue to grow and we get reduced to 18 hours on the pump. After he adjusts to that, we can increase the rate on the pump so he gets 8 hours off! This is really encouraging because he isn't interested in eating lots of food because he isn't hungry. Hopefully, this will be a smooth and happy transition for both Timothy and parents. The doctor is pleased with his weight gain and the amount of spit-up is decreasing, so we are looking at a check-up in 4 months!

The second half of our appointment was with the cardiologist and checking out the hole Timothy has in his heart and the bicuspid valve. After the echocardiogram (which including trying to keep him still for half an hour while watching a baby signing video), we met with the doctor and were told that he doesn't have a bicuspid valve after all! Sometimes when they are so small and beating fast, it is hard to see the valve clearly, but he clearly has three little flaps moving and no clicking sounds in his heartbeat. This means he doesn't need to worry about the valve eventually failing and needing to be replaced. :) His VSD (hole between the lower chambers of the heart) has been downgraded to small. He also has ASD (hole between the upper 2 chambers) that is also small. We didn't even know he had one there, but he does and it is nothing major. We are going to continue to monitor these two places to make sure that they get smaller over time - no other action needed. We go back in 8 months.

A very happy mommy and daddy were going to go out for dinner, but someone hadn't had an afternoon nap and not wanting to risk a total meltdown in a restaurant (because who wants to deal with that?), we grabbed dinner and headed home. I don't know many people who make a 12 hour day to visit 2 doctors, but we did, survived, and are crashing at home for the rest of the week. :) Hopefully this means that we can work on the crawling and see some improvements in this area...like not smacking our forehead into the floor when trying to move forward. Hope you have a happy week!

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