Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Project

I got to splurge on some new yarn for my birthday and have a new project on the needles. It is a new baby blanket for our summer baby. I chose Bernat Softee Baby in aqua on size 7 needles. I am loving this yarn because it is sooo soft, is a lightweight size 3 (appropriate for a baby born in the summer), and is 100% acrylic. I know there are some wonderful natural fibers out there, but this thing will be washed a lot and we have a beautiful blanket of Timothy's that was washed in hot water and I felted it on accident. oops :) We still use it because it was larger in size to start, but it is definitely smaller and thicker than intended. So I am sticking to acrylic.

I am using the summer waves baby blanket pattern on ravelry. (I love ravelry!) This is such a nice pattern that features shells and a thin cable - and it only has a pattern repeat of 4 rows and was free! The only thing I did to alter the pattern was increase the width by one pattern and decrease the needle size from 9 to 7 so I could make up for using the lightweight yarn.

I am looking forward to updating you with the status of my project (hence this posting - I figured it would motivate me to get it done quicker). I am expecting it to go pretty fast - we are headed to Rapid on Friday for an appointment and then to Sioux Falls on Monday for more appointments. 3 hours each way, each city in the opposite direction. I am looking forward to Tuesday and not having to get in the car with a 13 month old!


  1. Is that the same pattern you used for Eli's car seat blanket? I love it! And he loves that blanket. It's perfect to keep in the car and use to warm his legs up in the cold car.

  2. It is not the same pattern, but close. I think this one will end up a little larger - the pattern didn't give any final dimensions, so I am not sure. I am going to do Eli's again when this one is finished because I loved making it and you loved it too. :)