Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February Fun and Sewing Goals


spider drawing (all of a sudden he is interested in drawing anything...only took 4 years!)

whistle pig pretending

February = half triangle square month

I save all of my triangle scraps from quilts and so far have made the effort to do the extra seams while sewing the original quilt.  I have 4 piles of squares sitting around that need to be used up!  I have 3 piles ironed and trimmed.  (I made myself a little pressing station out of a tv table, isn't it cute!?!)

Pile one (above) will be a baby quilt.

pile 2 = small winter lap quilt 

pile 3 = little stars (finishing at 6") that will probably be added to little zipper bags or pouches

pile 4 (still in the bag, untrimmed) = probably a table runner or two

February quilt goal = finish this Swoon quilt!  

I won the fabric 2 summers ago (yay!) and put the blocks together last winter during my quilt guild retreat (yay!).  They have been sitting in a bag since (boo!), can you tell?!?!  Looking forward to having this one out of to-do pile!  I am doing a bunch of piecing this week with the above projects, making a couple more knitting bags, waiting for some border fabric I just ordered for the Swoon and winter quilts, and then switching my machine (and brain) over to quilting mode and kicking out several projects.  I have joined a challenge to sew 30 minutes everyday during February.  It is supposed to be selfish sewing - projects for yourself - but honestly, getting my to-do pile will bring some serious relief as I sometimes stress about my self-imposed timelines.  
Yay for being Type A.  :)

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