Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Honky Tonk 2

First finish of the year!
(My official goal is one per month, so far on track!)

Honky Tonk 2
42" x 66"
traditional fence rail block using a jelly roll

I just loved the other Honky Tonk quilt I did last spring/summer that I decided to do another (that, and someone saw it and loved it and bought it!).  :)  If you are counting, the body of the quilt is made with 30 strips from a jelly roll and I had enough brown guitars for a border along with a skinny floral border.  I squeaked out the back and binding with just a few inches of binding to spare and used up the rest of the coordinating fabric I had.  If you tally up my leftovers I maybe have a fat quarters worth of fabric left, but no big pieces; not even enough to make a little pouch!  No close up, but I quilted it with a loopy meandering line and sewed the binding on by machine.

Here is the back, pieced strategically so I didn't have to buy any more fabric.  It is now hanging out in  a laundry basket to get washed and wrinkled!

And a goofy picture of Timmy for all of you grandma types.  :)

And he insisted on a picture with Tigger.  She is thrilled with the honor, obviously.

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  1. The quilt is beautiful! And I love that you include pictures of Timmy!!