Friday, January 16, 2015

This Week...

We hosted our circuit Pastors' meeting, wives and kids included.  While the men met after lunch and church, we took the kids bowling.  It was a blast!  Timmy, David, and Joseph were a hoot to watch, cheering each other on and learning how to take turns...

My mixer is getting some love this week!   Midway on my mixer cover and I am really excited!  The bottom piece in the picture is getting a quilt as you go treatment and using up a lot of my scraps.  The mixer will be getting a bowl appliquéd on soon and then the whole thing put together.  I had a piece of flannel leftover from backing another quilt that will be the liner.  So luxurious.  :)

Jared pulled out his HO set and Timothy was at the control.

Honky Tonk (number 2) is getting pieced.  By the end of the weekend, it will hopefully have borders and basted onto a back and batting.  I think this quilt will pretty much use up every last piece I have of this fabric line.  The binding might get a little creative...


  1. Love your mixer block! The scrappy other side will look gorgeous too! I love smaller scrappy projects - they are so doable and a great place to feature special fabrics. Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictueday

  2. My kiddos had so much fun with bumper ball when they were this small, too. And they were so sad when they "outgrew" the bumpers! What a clever idea to make a mixer cover with the mixer. Did you design it yourself? I'll check back on your progress. You've inspired me to think about one for mine. Thanks!

    1. I did not come up with the pattern myself; I found this one ( and followed the link in her post to the tutorial. I will have all the links up in my official finish, hopefully next week! :)