Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 2 of 4x7 Challenge

So, I got some stuff done this week!  Woohoo!  The weight of my self-inflicted project due dates lifting off of my shoulders feels good.

Small Christmas quilt - done.  It measures 35"x42", perfect for throwing over the top of a chair or using with a wheelchair.  Not sure where this is going yet, but I think my mom has her eye on it and she gets first dibs.  :)   I tried a new border pattern and it isn't perfect, but I was really happy with it for the first time.

I love the back.  :)  It is another gray day here, so it looks yellow, but it matches the cooler tan colors of the front.

Baby Quilt - done.  2 out of 4 piles of half triangle squares used up!  This is just a little guy, measuring up at 28"x28", but it would be great to roll up in the diaper bag.  If it doesn't find a home by this summer, it is a strong candidate to donate for our Project Linus collection our quilt guild does.

Yellow minky on the back.  Working on evenly spacing my meandering line is a goal of mine...little uneven, but improving!

"take my picture with daddy, mom!"

A pretty little ring of posies, waiting to go on a workbag for myself.  I went to get a solid gray from our local fabric store and they were all out, so hopefully it comes soon so I can finish this up before the end of the month!  (These are 3/4" hexagons if you are curious)

In other crafty news, I learned how to knit a sock!  It isn't a whole sock, but I did it really larger so I could really see what I was doing and I made it through the heel and gusset steps, so it will be ripped out and rewound for another project.  So exciting!  (does anyone else have random stickers stuck to their coffee table?)

Here is my first official sock, thanks to my secret pal at quilt guild.  She knows I like yarn, too, and got me this beautiful sock yarn for my birthday and with it the motivation to get my first pair done.  It is going to take forever with size 1 needles, but it will be great project to take on the road!

And on a sad note...I got ready to baste my swoon quilt this morning and my 90" backing that I bought last spring was not cut correctly and is only 80" wide.  My quilt is 82".  Sigh.  On the plus side, the backing is a neutral tan swirl, so it will work for something else.  On the negative side, this quilt isn't going to get done this week.

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  1. Love the ring of hexes. In just these 2 weeks of the 4x7 challenge, I've seen so many hexes and I'm fascinated and totally want to make my own!

    The baby quilt is stunning in its color layout!

    So frustrating when the backing isn't the right size, especially when you're talking about a quilt top of that size. I love the colors in the quilt and the pattern is really fascinating.

  2. You should totally try the hexes! I find them very relaxing and very addicting. :)

  3. Yes, Sarah, I have stickers stuck to my coffee table ; ) You had another really productive week! Sorry about the backing, though. I opened a stack of FQs this week and discovered two were really 1/4 yards, so that meant rethinking the pattern I'd been planning. Frustrating when you think you have the supplies ready to go and then - oops!