Thursday, February 26, 2015

Week 3 of 4x7 Challenge

Well, I kind of fell flat on my face this week with sewing.  I made a cute little drawstring bag for my little knitting projects and then I got sick, Timmy got sick, and then Jared got sick.  We were just a lovely family of sickies last week.  :)  All are better now and I am already halfway through the final week of this challenge and doing better.

It is just the nicest pattern and the cutest little bag.  I really need to buy 
the pattern so I can make all of the different sizes.

And now my little zip pouch that holds my knitting tools matches my bigger bag and my smaller bag!

I got some more done on my sock, too.  I survived the heel and gusset, so on to the toe I will be marching!


  1. I love the zippered pouch. The fabric combination is great!!

  2. a) Those feathers!! Have I not seen this line? What fabric is it, Sarah? and b) This is about the twentieth post/IG pic I've seen of people knitting awesome stripey socks. I *must* learn to do this. I want to make a whole bunch of pairs for next winter!

    1. a. All 3 fabrics in that bag are from "What a Gem", super cute!

      b. You need to learn...the stripes are a self-striping yarn that is made specifically for socks, so super easy once you figure out how to make the sock! :)