Sunday, July 22, 2012

End Results...

I find it satisfying to see the end product of longer termed projects.  This weekend, our first cabbage became stuffed cabbage (that was very yummy by the way) and will also become some coleslaw later today.  We also had another batch of pickles - 10 quarts of slices, spears, and whole pickles.  The zucchini in the above right picture was also used to make 4 loaves of bread, but I didn't get any pictures of the bread.  Trust me, they are very tasty.  :)

I have been messing with some new techniques in the quilting world...and then put them all into a cool basket for Timothy's room (it is no longer raining diapers in his closet when you open the door).  Two quilts being quilted this afternoon...hopefully binding will go on today or tomorrow and then a week of handwork will commence - it is also VBS week at church, so not so much sewing is going to happen.  More pictures coming soon...


  1. go to - she just posted one a couple of days ago!