Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July fun

What is the 4th without a parade?  Gregory doesn't even goes right past our house.  Last year, we didn't know that the crowd would be coming early and fill our lawn before we could get good seats.  This year, Jared put our chairs out first thing in the morning so we could get a spot.  :)  
There are a ton of pictures in the picasa album if you want to see more.  We didn't do much other than the parade because of the soaring temperatures and humidity, except to take Timothy down to the carnival on Main Street.  We didn't put him on any rides this year...we figured that we would wait until next year when he would get a bigger kick about going on them (just looking at them and watching the big kids was enough).

Timothy REALLY enjoyed watching all of the traffic coming down the street and waving at all of the people on floats and in vehicles...and then took a nice nap too!

 Highlight of the week was my parents visiting and Timothy spending lots of time with his Michigan grandma and grandpa!

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