Monday, February 6, 2012

Words, words, words

Words in Timothy's vocabulary:

bye bye
meowing at the cat :)

Words Timothy can sign:

bye bye
so big!
no (consists of wildly swinging his arms)

whatever else he wants, he points at. :)

We have been watching Baby Signing Time, vol. 1 and recently checked out vol. 2 from the library, so we may have an explosion of new signs over the next week or so. He is also really walking around furniture now and becoming much more bold in his actions. He isn't crawling yet, but would rather just scoot on his bottom to get at what he wants.

watching the superbowl!

He is also doing really well with food. He is enjoying picking up foods on his tray and putting them in his own mouth and gnawing on lots of different finger foods. He has been putting the weight on too over the past couple of weeks and has passed up his pre-flu weight, so hopefully we stay on track now with the weight gain - mommy and daddy couldn't be happier. At some point, he snuck his 2 front teeth in! By the time I saw them on Friday for the first time, they were definitely through his gums and showing a bit. I think this explains the random outbursts of crying in his sleep he had last week.

I had an appointment on Thursday and the baby is looking good. Heart rate is consistently up in the 150s and I have been feeling more and more of the baby, although the placenta is on the top of my uterus and I think that is preventing me from feeling more than I am. We have our big 20 week appointment in Sioux Falls on Friday and will get to see our baby again on an ultrasound. According to the different wives' tales and gender charts (so much fun to read about) we are having a girl in every instance. So we will see...hopefully they will keep their legs uncrossed like Timothy did. :)


  1. I am anxiously awaiting the news of pink or blue!! Glad you are all doing well. I might have to check out the Baby Signing videos b/c Easton doesn't seem to get it just by me teaching him. :)

  2. I would suggest checking into your local library or maybe some other moms before you buy them because they are expensive! We grab them from our library and Timothy really enjoys watching them and it helps Jared and I learn the signs faster too. :) He didn't start using them right away, but 2 weeks later, he had picked up a few and we are adding more and more every week!