Thursday, February 16, 2012

clean thoughts

So I read this blog posting today, which also led me to read this one too. I was having similar thoughts today and appreciated that someone else had the same frustrations with themselves. Sometimes I spend way too much looking at all of these awesome projects that people post and I don't have time to actually do my own projects. See my post about 2 quilts. I think I just solved this problem. :)


When I am feeling overwhelmed with possibilities and the lack of time, I look at my cat and feel better. She has all of the sunny spots in the house memorized and travels from spot to spot throughout the day to follow the sun around. :)


I am super excited about my new clothesline. :) We haven't been using the cloth diapers for the past couple of months because running them through the dryer just isn't enough...something about hanging them in the sun just makes them so much fresher. I was using a wooden folding rack, but it finally fell apart, never to be used again, and it is just too windy around here to just lay them over the deck rail. Problem solved thanks to my father-in-law and hubby. Thanks guys!


I got a new diaper in the mail that I bought to investigate. I like it. It is a simple diaper cover that came with 3 prefolds. Right now we use pocket diapers, which are nice, but I know that I don't have enough smalls for a new baby that is going to need a lot of changing. I am also not crazy about having to wash all of these covers and inserts when I could be using the same cover (as long as it is just a wet diaper) and just replacing the insert. At least this is my understanding. I am looking for thoughts, all of you that cloth diaper. :) We will need to invest in a few more before the baby comes, so let me know what you use!


  1. We made the switch from pockets to covers and prefolds when Kari got a lot bigger. I had hand me down newborn covers so I bought new small ones for Anna. She's only ever worn prefolds and covers and I love them. I wish I had done that from the start with Kari. Would have saved money! I LOVE the thirsties duo wrap covers. 2 adjustable sizes with gussets. And we just air them when wet and then reuse until wash days or they get poopy.

  2. You make a good point, I don't know why I am waiting for the baby to come before I try these prefolds and cover...they are one size fits all! I'll have to wash them up this week and try it on Timothy now. I have been watching for a good deal on thirsties and flips so I can buy one of each and try them out too. :) Have you found that some prefolds are better than others, or are they about the same?