Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Winter Storm Projects

Well, the storm is really still coming. So far today it has been just raining and is just now starting to freeze over and switch to snow. Some parts are supposed to get up to a foot of snow, we will probably be closer to the 1-3 inches range. But I digress...

First project up is a beautiful clock that my husband assembled from a kit! He had to sand, stain, finish, and then put it all together. He has been working on it for the past week or so and I think it turned out beautifully!

don't you love the winter facial hair? :)

pardon the coffee table full of toys...

Second, I am up to 20 stars for the wonky star quilt. I am looking forward to cranking out a lot of these while I am at our quilters' guild sewing retreat. We are all crashing at a local hunting lodge for the weekend with our sewing machines, bathing suits (for the hot tub), and lots of (ahem) drinks. I will get to participate in only the first of these activities, but that is okay. I am looking forward to hanging out with the ladies and getting some work done!

Third, I have 3 more girl baprons done! I had the lilac thread in the machine, so they all got done at the same time. Next, some boyish ones. :)

Fourth, a sneak peak at the latest church themed quiet book. Getting pages ready for the hand sewing to commence over our vacation!

Timothy's project for the day? Figuring out the complexities of the piano's foot pedals. :)

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