Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lots of cutting

2 new projects in the works...only a few hundred more that are trapped in my head. :)

The project on the left is a quilt that everyone in our quilt guild is working on. It is a quilt made of a single block, but when rearranged, it looks like 4 completely different quilts. We are each making one for our next quilt show (sometime in September or October) to show how one block can be interpreted in many different ways. As a teacher, I was immediately drawn to the idea. As the maker of this quilt, I feel challenged to take a block that I would not be normally drawn to and turn it into something that I will hopefully love. So far, I have it all planned out and am looking forward to buying the fabric, hopefully soon. More postings to come...

The project on the right is a wonky star quilt that I want to make for our guest room bed. I am using lots of different fabrics because I like the scrappy look and I have the goal of hopefully making a bright, cheerful quilt. Total, this means I need 97 stars (each made up of 4 white squares and 5 colored squares). Interpreted: a lot of cutting for me. :)

As of this posting, I have enough colored squares to make 63 complete squares and some additional squares that I can use for partial stars around the edges (all from fabric that I had in my stash!). Not pictured, enough white squares to make 30 stars ready to go. I am throwing in the towel tonight and giving my wrists a rest. Tomorrow, I'll cut some more white squares (it'll end up being about 388 white squares total) and take 4 of every set of 5 colored squares and cut them in half diagonally. Confused? There is a link to a tutorial that I am following in this post. I would like to start sewing my triangle pieces this weekend. My goal is to get this quilt bed-ready before this spring when I am hoping to have a garage sale. I would like to have the old bedding sold and out of my house. :)

Crazy? Maybe. But I figured that I can push myself now, because the end of June is coming and I have a feeling that I will be taking a vacation from sewing world for at least a couple of months. I just hope that burnout doesn't set in too early...

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  1. Sew sew sew! I have a whole list of projects in my head but somehow the chance to act on them just doesn't exist right now. Someday I'll have more than one hand free... Good call to push yourself while you still have two!