Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How I get things done

I always get comments about how productive I am and do I ever sleep.  Well folks, this is why I get done what I get done:

My mighty helper.  :)  (Sorry about the was nap time) Timothy is usually down for a two hour nap that I capitalize on every day to get sewing projects done, laundry done, and cleaning done.   I don't attempt to sew or cut while he is just doesn't happen.  He also goes to bed at 7 pm and I am married to a pastor, which means that a couple of days a week, he is working, either on his laptop or out visiting.  I have learned to get quite a lot done.  Look what I did today:

A new pillow for the guest bed with the leftover scraps!  :)  Here is the tutorial that I followed (in case you want to make one too).

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