Saturday, May 18, 2013

Giant Star

Giant Vintage Star Quilt

68" x 68"

This quilt has been a couple of summers in the making as I have been searching garage sales and rummage centers for vintage sheets.  I bought 2 yards of tan for the outside and used half of a yard for the binding.  I quilted it on my friend Sonya's long arm...she was kind enough to show me how it works and help me along the way.  I am totally investing in a long arm machine in the future!  (Think long term, years down the road investing)  :)  

Sorry about the pictures, but it is South Dakota, so naturally the wind is blowing and it is the best I can do.  I was seriously thinking about lying on the ground and taking a picture of the quilt flapping above me because it was horizontal most of the time it was attached to the clothesline.  

This quilt came together really quickly, thanks to the big pieces, but was a pain to quilt initially.  I spray basted it (aka use temporary fabric adhesive) instead of using pins and it was fine until I was 80% through the quilting (about 4 hours of work), turned it over and realized there were major issues on the back.  I spent another 4 hours ripping all of the quilting out and that is when Sonya invited me over to use her machine.  It took us 2 hours to get it on the frame and quilted.  Amazing!  

I am looking forward to washing and drying it later is going to be so soft and crinkly!  It is going with us tomorrow for Jake's ordination in Bloomfield, Nebraska.  He and his lovely wife, Sarah, and their two beautiful daughters are moving into their parsonage and community from Yankton.  I hope it enjoys lots of picnics, snuggles, and blanket forts in its future.  Congrats Jake (and Sarah because you were there through all of the schooling too)!  :)

My little helper 

The back is this awesome sheet that had a gradation to the flowers!  Shall we talk flowers while I have my camera outside?

We probably have a dozen lilac bushes that we have planted since moving here two summers ago and our first one bloomed this year!

The asparagus is coming in nicely (along with the dandelions) as well as our rhubarb.  I have strawberries in the large pot up there because I heard they were invasive.

We can only handle so many invasions at a time.  The picture above is a pretty common site: raspberries in the lawn.  They are popping up everywhere!  :)  Oh what we will deal with for a couple of weeks of sweet raspberries, right in our own yard.

The dandelions and weeds of all kind are also invading from all corners of the yard.  However, we found a diy solution that works!  

Fill your spray bottle with vinegar almost to the top, add 2 T. of salt, and a small squeeze of dawn dish soap.  (the real proportion is 1 gallon of vinegar, 1 c. salt, and a large squeeze of soap...I estimated for my size of spray bottle)  Shake it up and spray away!  The weeds above were totally toast about 2 hours after I sprayed them yesterday.  I call that powerful.  

You do need to be careful though, because it could ruin the soil for future plants, so we are using it to just kill off the stuff in the sidewalks and in places where we don't foresee anything needing to be grown.  I feel so much more comfortable using it with Timothy around instead of the chemical stuff.  I may use it eventually in the flowerbeds on particularly pesky weeds, but will be careful just to get the leaves of the weed and not the soil and my flowers nearby.    

We got our first thunderstorm of the season last night and expect more over the next several days.  We need the rain badly, so they are welcomed (hail, damaging winds, and tornados, however, are uninvited).  Some of the seeds are popping in the garden, so an update will come when we dry out here later in the week and get the lawn mowed.


  1. Sarah, it's gorgeous! I can't believe you did all that work for us!! I'm glad I saw it today so I can cry now instead of tomorrow in front of everyone. ;-) So glad you are coming to share this special day.

    1. We had such a great time Sara and hope that packing and moving in goes well this week! Looking forward to seeing lots of great memories made in your new town!