Saturday, February 9, 2013

Quilt Retreat Bag

Awhile back, I saw this bag on pinterest and thought it would be really fun to make one day.  And then I realized three days ago that I have a quilt guild retreat coming up at the end of the month and this would be REALLY useful.  (It fits a 18" x 24" cutting mat).   A dig through the stash revealed a layer cake of simply color and a quick trip to the fabric store to get coordinating solids and I was ready.  (Okay, so it wasn't a quick trip to the store because I bought lots of fabric and talked to Harriet for awhile, but you get the idea)  


I got my fabrics cut and most of the piecing done on day one.  I went back to the store on day 2 to pick up grey thread and then finished the piecing and did the quilting.  Today, day 3, the straps were finished and the bag sewn up!

It is hard to see, but my ruler is in the front pocket.  Soon there will be a cute little hexagon flower on the grey pockets, I just need to make it first!

Look at all of that room! (the entire bag is 22" x 26")  I am thinking that I can easily fit 2 or 3 large projects in there...

 The link to the pattern for this bag is here.  (the whole website is really useful and I have several other projects from there on my to-do list)  I did make several alterations from the original pattern:

1. eliminated the little pockets on the front and from the inside (I have lots of little bags I keep my smaller stuff in anyway...I just needed a large cavernous spot to put them)

2. I didn't quilt the front 2 grey pockets...I didn't want to go overboard with the quilting.  I did add some medium-weight interfacing though and I am planning on a little embellishment yet to be added.

3. I found with the directions as they are written, when you add the lining on the front pockets and leave some of the lining on the front to make that nice top border, you end up a 1/2" short on the back.  So, my pockets are a little shorter because I had to trim them up.

4. I didn't add batting to my straps.

Looking forward to hauling all of my projects to the quilt retreat!

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