Thursday, September 1, 2011

Quiet Book, first 4 pages

Construction of the quiet book is underway. I am really enjoying the process so far and I will have mad sewing machine skills by the time it is done. The buttonhole has been conquered! :) I am participating in a quiet book sew along, which is really helping motivate me to keep going. I think we are going to bust it out at church this weekend to see if he actually likes it, although most of the activities are going to be beyond him right now. But he'll grow into it.

Cover page

Back of the cover page (perfect-sized pocket for arch books), Front of page 2 (velcro frog attached with a ribbon)

Back of page 2 (more velcro fish are in production now!), Front of page 3 (whole bunch of stuff behind plastic)
Back of page 3 (mailbox that opens...letters coming, pattern here), Front of page 4 (buttons!)
Back of page 4...clock with moveable hands...more pages coming soon!

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