Wednesday, September 14, 2011

busy days

The weather was noticeably cooler this morning, sparking long-sleeves and singing "brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?" Unfortunately, it will be one the last times he gets to wear these slippers as his toes are pretty squished. We are also sticking our tongue out every time the camera comes out...not sure why, but it is sure cute! :)

I have started a new project to give our new house a more fall-ish feeling. We have a wonderful fabric store and quilt shop here in town and a very active quilting guild. This weekend is their big quilt show and I am looking forward to going and maybe end up joining the guild. This may be the year that I learn how to move beyond yarn-tying all of my pieced projects...

I added a couple more pages to Timothy's quiet book, although most of them I am still working on. I am finding out that many of my pieces need blanket stitching around the edges so they don't fray later on. If someone knows of a different edging stitch, let me know...I am starting to burn out on all of the edging...

traffic light with matching lights
The left page will have cars traveling on the shoelaces....the right has movable blobs of paint and a brush for pretend play (pattern from here).
snap balloons
I have been freezing zucchini and squash as I get them...either from our garden or from church members' gardens...

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