Tuesday, August 2, 2011

thirteen ten

Our latest weight check-in was last Friday and Timothy came in at 13 pounds, 10 ounces. I feel like sometimes our lives revolve around his weight checks, but when you have a child sitting in the zero percentile for months, this is what happens. Our next one is Friday and I am kinda hoping we hit 14 pounds. Timothy turns 8 months on Monday and I would like to be able to skip the thirteens altogether in his baby book growth chart. :)

Besides growing, and sleeping a lot, he is working hard at sitting up and standing. He can go a few minutes all by himself, especially if he is playing with something. With standing, the therapist showed us how to sit with our legs out and wedge his feet between our legs so he is forced to keep them down on the ground and put pressure on them (this is what happens when you have an over sensitive child). We then would have to bounce him up and down and prep him to stand and then he would get the idea and allow his feet to stand the pressure of his weight to be on him. Now, as long as both feet are on the ground, he stands for several minutes at a time and is so proud in his new ability. :) We really only need to hold guide him for balance reasons. Now we really need to work on laying on our belly and building our upper body strength so we can crawl...not easy when you have a button in your belly and you don't like to lay on it...

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