Tuesday, August 2, 2011

the new cook in town...

Ever since I met Jared, he has dreamed of a grill. So now that we are settled in the parsonage and the grills went on end-of-the-season clearance (even though the season is only half over), he finally got his grill. It is not a big fancy one, but adequate for our small family and gets him started. We are really happy that we went charcoal too...everything is has been tasty so far. He is quite proficient using it too...in the two weeks he has had it, we have already had pork chops, hamburgers twice, steak, and chicken, all of which were very yummy. We also have a new place to eat outside (thanks mom and dad) and two new trees (although not tall enough to shade us yet, they will be in a couple of years (thanks other mom and dad). :)

Eventually, these two trees will shade most of the yard from the afternoon sun...
for now, they might get your ankle. :)

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