Saturday, August 20, 2011

New Projects

Now that stacker toy is done, I can now move on to a new food! I am really enjoying the randomness (not sure that is a real word) of this project because I can do whatever I want in whatever order. I have found a TON of free patterns on (If you crochet, knit, weave, or dye yarn you need to check it out) by some very creative people. They are easy, 1-2 hour projects that I can do while watching a TV show with Jared or while we are driving here and there (and seeing I do most of my grocery shopping 25 miles away, minimally, there is a lot of time in the car). So far I have a basket, apple, carrot, corn, lemon, and an ice cream cone. :) On the needle currently is a very bright purple eggplant.

I am also being inspired to copy some of my friends' works...strap covers for the carseat, courtesy of Gina (thanks for the link!)...

And a quiet book courtesy of my sister-in-law, Michelle. I would be a little farther if the above-pictured sewing machine had not died on me last night. However, that prompted me to do some research and discover that I can use my cricut to cut fabric! Ironing on Heat n' Bond, running fabric through the cricut, and ironing it on to backgrounds has been occupying me. I have four sides of pages done...we just need a sewing machine...thank goodness we have a trip coming up to Sioux Falls this week; I think I may be getting an early Christmas gift. Michelle, if you want to use the cricut to cut stuff for your book, let me know...I am thinking Timothy and I may have to road trip out there for a crafting weekend (or week days). :)

Timothy's current weight (as of Friday): 14 lbs, 11.5 oz

yes, those are thigh rolls :)

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