Saturday, December 4, 2010

Plus One

No baby yet. :) Jared and I had a lovely dinner out last night and then walked a mall. We took our hospital bag, just in case, but brought it back with us. Nothing else is really happening - lots of contractions and little tweaks still. Today's plan: go shopping at the food bank, clean the bathroom and kitchen, maybe a nap, and homework for Jared. And walk...lots of walking. :)


  1. I also recommend moving all of your furniture to clean the floors. Have Jared move the heavy stuff. My floors were never as clean nor have they been since right before Kari was born. And I'm tellin' ya... find a Panera and eat two cinnamon rolls. It worked for me and then a good friend of mine! :) Hope the little man comes soon. Love you!!

  2. You cannot stay pregnant forever, it just seems that way. Take care. Love you!
    Pat & Cindy