Tuesday, December 7, 2010

And so it begins...

12-7-10 11:05pm - This is a most rare but wonderful experience to be able to post on my wife blog. We are all checked in here at St. John's Hospital. The room is very nice and Sarah is resting comfortably. She is all hooked up and wonders of wonders 1cm dilated! We are currently waiting for how the induction will be processed....stay tuned for further updates and pictures!
11:20pm - The nurse came in with the induction plan, Sarah will receive cervidel in hopes to get the process started. The time frame is anywhere from 2 to 12 hours, so it will be a long wait.
12-8-10 1:50am - At 1:30am a resident OB came in and gave Sarah the cervidel, still 1 cm. She said that the cervidel should get things progressing so we shall see. Sarah is trying to get some sleep and I think I will attempt to do the same. In a couple hours things are likely to get busy!
3:40am - Well after only perhaps a half hour of sleep Sarah and I are awake and have started a Charlie Brown marathon. No other news other than the constant beat of the kids heart beat, which is very soothing sound...oh and coffee, glorious coffee.
5:15am - Things are progressing along! Sarah is having more powerful contractions closer together about every three minuets. We are pretty sure that her water broke. Sarah is breathing through the contractions and is handling them very well...I am very proud of her.
5:37am - Yes, Sarah's water indeed has broken and continues to leak...its somewhat humorous...there might be some machomeum and they will keep their eye on it. Sarah's contractions are coming closer together and around six she will begin petosin.
6:22am - Sarah is having contractions every 3 minuets or so...however because the contractions are not consistently strong, the nurse started the petosin on a slow drip to see what happens with the consistency of the contractions. Things are progressing along. Baby will most likely be taken to NICU to have a deep cleaning but there is nothing overly serious.
8:30am - Charlie Brown continues as do the contractions. The petosin seems to be working and the Doctor came in and said everything looks great. The plan is not to let Sarah labor for several hours because her water has broken. We will just have to wait for the time being.
8:55am - Contractions are about a minuet apart and are getting more intense. The nurse bumped Sarah's petosin upto 5 (from 3). More waiting, breathing and coaching!
11:15am - Well after 5 hours of hard contractions Sarah made the decision to have an epidural. She is resting verrrrry comfortably right now and loving life, rather than getting enjoyment in hearing the many pops and cracks from my hand. I too am loving life. Epidural, you are fantastic.
12:50pm - It comes down to a waiting game now...Sarah has not dilated passed 1 cm as of yet. No other news to report. She is resting comfortably and able to doze, which is good. No such luck for the other half. The nurse is currently updating the doctor on what is going on. Her petosin level is at 11 and will be continued to be increased. So now we do what we have been doing since 10:30 last night...wait.


  1. That's a great plan! Hopefully that gets things going and you don't need anything else. You can also ask for a breast pump and use it. The stimulation can help start contractions. (Nursing after birth also gives contractions to help everything go back to normal size.) If it doesn't, don't let them do Cytotec- it's not good stuff and I wish I had known that before I had Justin. Go for Pitocin if you have to do a medication.
    Can't wait to check in the morning and see if he's here!

    Love you both!

  2. We're thinking about you! Keep us updated. :)

  3. We are keeping both eyes on the web site. Can't wait to see pictures. You are doing great!

  4. Waiting is hard. But you guys are doing awesome! My induction took 24 hours and I was 1 cm for a long time. I'll keep praying for all three of you and checking here often!

  5. I hope the long pause means progress and you are so wrapped up holding your little boy right now that you can't blog about it!!

  6. I agree with Jayme! Hope things are going well. :)

  7. We've been waiting all day and no baby! Hope things are going good. Give Sarah a hug from us and the baby a kiss!

  8. I am sooo happy for you. Timothy is a great name! I've always wanted a little Timothy myself. :) Then I married one... now I have to decide if I want a Jr.
    I will give you a call tomorrow. Sleep the beautiful (but in short segments) sleep of a new mother!

    Love you lots!