Wednesday, September 22, 2010

baby update...

More pictures are up! Check out "the baby 3" album for updated pictures of our child. :) We had a good ultrasound session other than he wouldn't lay for a profile and was somewhat uncooperative for the technician trying to take measurements. We found out that our baby's growth is right on track...he is somewhere around the 42nd percentile and my doctor is pleased. I am measuring large because I am carrying around some extra fluid, but the doctor wasn't concerned, so we aren't either. All of my tests came back negative too, so we are happy about that too. We get to start our every-2-week-appointment schedule until I reach 36 weeks, when I start going every week. I still can't believe that we are only about 10 weeks from meeting our son in the daylight! It was so far away back in the spring and now we are almost there. Between teaching school and Jared going to school though, I think we will be able to fill the time in nicely with plenty of things to do. :)

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