Friday, September 10, 2010

28 weeks later...

Our son is kicking...a lot. :) I have the joy of now being able to feel him all the time and can pretty much tell the difference between rolling and kicking/punching. We are so excited to meet our active, little man! On that note, we had our last doctor's appointment this past Wednesday. I left school a little early so I could drink the orange glucose liquid in the comfort of our home (a weird taste combination of triamedic and non-carbonated orange soda syrup - not that I have ever had large quantities of either) and then we were off. My test went well, except I had to get my blood drawn twice because they forgot to get enough the first time for all of the different tests. My doctor said everything looks good, except I am measuring a little on the large size for 28 weeks, so I get to see her again in 2 weeks and have another ultrasound. I will admit to being slightly nervous, because size does matter in the future pain department, but considering that I was almost 9 pounds and my sister-in-law just had an almost 9 pounder, I am not surprised that he may be the size of a butterball, just in time for Thanksgiving. :) But, the plus side is that we get to see him again and we will post them so you can too!

Everything else is going well - Jared has now started classes (it's about time) and proclaimed that he was already behind when walking through the door at the end of his first day. I think his classes will keep him plenty (and joyfully) busy. Life in the 3rd and 4th grade classroom is going well too...if we can figure out how to get our homework in on time, I may just do a cartwheel on the front lawn, although considering I didn't do them well pre-pregnancy, I probably won't attempt it in real life. Don't worry. :)

Those lake pictures promised in a day or so should be up on Picasa anyday now, although I probably shouldn't promise a time like I did last post, considering they are still on the camera...

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