Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The game continues

The baby is really moving! It has been a lot of fun to feel this random movement and know that I am doing nothing to create them. Jared has yet to feel anything - I think our son likes to play hide-and-seek with his daddy. :) Anyways, we have our next appointment tomorrow, so another update will be coming.

We had an awesome time in Michigan - what a blessing to be involved in the wedding of dear friends! Pictures are up in the picasa link. A worthwhile video is Jared dancing with Grandpa Errer...and then another video devoted to Jared dancing with Josh to a song about a streaker. They were very entertaining to say the least. :) We then traveled to Dearborn, worshiped with my parents at Guardian, and then had a baby shower. (Jared hung out at the house and ate brats and drank beer, Sarah opened really cute stuff with the girls). We have been blessed with MANY blankets, toys, clothes, and the general "baby stuff." It starts to come closer to reality when his dresser is filling and we have diapers piled everywhere! :) Pictures from the shower are also up in picasa.

We returned Monday to St. Louis, unloaded and sorted baby stuff, and then hosted 4 of our high school friends from Litchfield. They were needing a place to stay after coming in for a concert and we were happy to supply with the floor space needed. The apartment is now ours again and we are excited to be home for a couple of weeks before one more trip and the routine of school starts.

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