Saturday, November 22, 2014

Handmade Holidays 2014

WARNING: This post contains a LOT of felt and yarn.

Work in progress: Table runner (small squares are actually brown)

Campfire out of felt for Timmy's birthday (aka Mr. Camper)

Woodland creatures masks out of felt (in progress).  There is a fox, bear, deer, raccoon, and owl.  :)

I learned how to double knit!  Working on a snowflake scarf:

Felt nativity.  These are pieces that will be going in the advent calendar I made last year and there will be a piece of felt on the wall for Timmy to play with.  I just need to get some people done!

Death Star is done other than some lines I need to sew on around the thing.  It took almost an entire bag of batting!

Timothy, making a mess and shoveling snow, his two favorite things to do this week :)


  1. Such fun and pretty projects! The scarf is amazing. I love the fire and masks too. What a blessed little boy. How old does he have to be to be a trustee in charge of shoveling the church?? He looks like he's already ready!

    1. All he wants to do outside is shovel snow! We are hoping that his excitement for shoveling lasts into his teen years. :)