Thursday, July 24, 2014

Produce coming in

I grabbed my camera the other night and took some closeups of what is going on in our garden...

Granddad's Dill 

Jared's cucumber trellis is working out well! 

Onions are starting to pop out of the ground 

New patch of beans have popped! 

The surviving cabbage is coming nicely 

Our spaghetti squash plant is going CRAZY!  We have only one plant of this variety, but it has stretched the entire length of our 18 foot garden.

Sunflowers are going to be coming soon!  (probably while we are gone camping haha) 

Our bush beans that decided to vine, so we quick through some tomato cages in to support them.   Tomato plants are LOADED.  I can taste them already... 

Berry crop is done!  I have raspberry, blueberry, and strawberry jams, all sweetened with honey, done and ready for the year.  Hopefully I'll catch the peach truck and add a few more jars, but we should be good for the year on jams.  

I tried a new jar...these are Weck jars, which are apparently made in and are popular in Europe.  I happened to win a case of 12 of these puppies.  They worked awesome!  They have a glass lid, a rubber gasket, and some little clips you use while they are in the canner.  I'll have to replace the rubbers every year, but they are cheaper than buying boxes of lids for the normal jars.   I have some larger half litter jars to try, too, I just need to figure out what to put in them...

New recipe of the year was rhubarb butter.  Sweet and tart, this is a keeper, even if did bubble and sputter rhubarb all over my stove, counter, cupboards, fridge, microwave, floor, and ceiling.  Messy is an understatement.  Jared volunteered to keep it stirred and had to use oven mitts to protect himself from the burning hot projectiles it was sending out.  :)  Hopefully next year I'll be better about getting the air bubbles out, too.


  1. I am jealous of your weck jars!! They are beautiful. Marisa from food in jars says you can use the rubbers several times before replacing them! And I need you to come and sort and bring dill!! I havne't planted it in several years because it always volunteers and goes crazy. This year, no dill. :( My dilly beans are going to have be done with dill seeds from last year and not pretty dill heads. Your garden looks awesome!

    1. Oh, thanks for the tip on the rubber seals - I will save them and try them again next year! I think that I am going to regret where our dill is planted...I have another spot where I am going to try and just make it a perennial dill spot so it can just come up year after year. I may have dill all over my garden next year when we till up where it is this year. :)