Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Friend, New Flowers, New Quilt

Meet Crawly

He is a caterpillar that we caught on the dill the yesterday.  Timothy named him and then said, "Crawly is the best caterpillar ever."  Jared and I are secretly hoping that Crawly does indeed survive into adulthood.  Timothy checks for a cocoon every hour or so.  We'll keep you posted on further developments...

Many thanks to my dad for making the bug cage and to my sister for painting it.  :)

Still waiting for tomatoes...

But not for the sunflowers!  The first 2 opened their heads today and hopefully this next week the entire sunflower patch will be in full bloom!

My triple Irish chain quilt is done!  I have had this thing basted and just waiting for the quilting for about a month whiled I mulled the options.  I really wanted to try to put a featured motif in each of the tan patches, but I was just paralyzed about the process as I haven't done it before.  Clarity came one evening while I was thinking about planning a picnic and this is the blanket I automatically thought about.  I am not interested in investing a ton of blood and sweat into a blanket that I was going to throw on the ground and roll up in the back of our van.  Besides, I already had hours into the piecing and I think the meandering line lets you focus more on all of the fun colors and the grid they make.  Three hours later and the quilting was done!  :)

I snapped a quick picture so you could see the back and binding...a subtle blue swirl with a navy stripe on the edge.  Many thanks to my awesome quilt holder, who willingly walks around the yard with a quilt in the air whenever I beckon him.  :)  I am sure that this quilt will be well loved for years to come.

And one more picture of some of my mid-summer flowers...the coneflowers have bloomed!

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