Monday, June 9, 2014

Early Summer Garden 2014

Garden: First Week of June 

(aka how many times can Timothy get in front of the camera)  


The peony is about to explode in all of its glory.

The garden and the accompanying weeds are growing well.  We have harvested broccoli and lettuce so far and Jared built a trellis for the cucumbers.  The weeding is getting done between the rain showers and the garden is slowly being covered in newspaper and grass clippings as the lawn gets mowed.

Apparently Timothy thought he needed two mowers to get the lawn done.

And then promptly ditched one because he could hardly push the one!  We keep the lawn mowed, but it is difficult to keep it short with all of the rain we have had.  A blessing for our area for sure!

Corn on the cob...yay!

Jared finished a picture!  One of my favorite memories from our trip last fall - a wonderful afternoon on the shores of Lake Huron - done in pencil.  I love that I get to decorate our walls with art from the artist in residence.  :)

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