Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Little Trip

We ducked out of town over Memorial Day weekend and headed out to Spearfish to visit Papa and Nana Nies and have some cousin time.  It was a nice distraction from Evelyn's anniversary and we couldn't have asked for nicer weather.

Of course, we checked in with the fish at the hatchery (after wisely remembering to stuff our pockets with quarters and grabbing a bucket for the fish food) and then threw some rocks into the creek.  This kid has quite an arm!

And being a typical kid, the ice cold, spring fed stream water was not an obstacle when looking for the perfect rock.

We also met up with Eli and headed to Storybook Island in Rapid for some playtime.  Eli taught Timothy how to go in and out of all of the little houses.

And Nana was holding the boys so they could peek through the holes and got in the photo herself.  :)

Timothy loved this little horse and was yelling, "Giddyup!" :)  We went back to the house and found a picture of Jared in one of the albums on the same horse!

The highlight was riding all of the different trains on the merry-go-round (we also found a picture of Jared riding it too!) and then playing at Great Grandfather and Grandmother's house before heading home.

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