Monday, May 5, 2014

So there was another quilt...

I know I just posted about a pile of quilts that I have been working on, but here is another...

This is a banner/blanket for our LWML convention coming up at the end of the month, which means I need to get going on it!  The theme is "Shout to the King!" and purple and yellow are the theme colors.  All of the zones in the state are bringing a banner that is actually a quilt, so they can be donated and used as a baby blanket or lap quilt.  This is our zone's banner and also my first star quilt. (Fyi, they are a pain! Some of the ladies in our guild make DOZENS of star quilts for a quilt shop out west, but I don't know how they get all of those seams to line up and not go crazy)  Anyway, I have the quilting in the star done, so now I just need to get the background done and bind it.  Pictures of a completed project will be coming soon!

I had a piecing itch, so I cranked out the rest of the Irish triple chain quilt!  There are 1,171 pieces in this quilt top and it comes in at 70ish by 96ish inches.  I no longer have a piecing itch and really don't want to iron for awhile.  :)  It will be a great couch quilt for two or fit nicely on a twin.  Now I need to decide on the quilting...any suggestions?  I don't even have the backing yet and I need to finish my niece's quilt first, so it will be a bit before this one gets finished.  For those of you in my quilt guild, this is my scrappy project and it really didn't use up that much of my stash like I was hoping it would.  :)

I was the scrap fairy the other day and shared with a new quilter in our group so she could participate in our scrap busting project...I know at one point I didn't have a scrap stash, but I really can't remember it!  Amazingly, she took a whole bag of fabric and I really can't tell, so I am currently on a fabric diet (although I really don't buy something unless I have a project in mind) and no new fabric is allowed into my house until I use up most of what I have, unless I need it to finish up a project (like buying a backing).  Even with my diet, it is not moving out fast enough!

I had my assistant working with me today.  :)

And then he wanted his picture with the cat, although she was not cooperating (as usual)...

and then a few goofy pictures just for fun!

Have a great week!


  1. I love it all! That purple and yellow quilt really pops. And you know I'm always happy to take some of your scraps if you want to get rid of them. :) Although I suddenly have a lot of my own...

    1. You'll never dig out now! :) But seriously, if you are looking for specific patterns or colors for a project, let me know before you shop, I can probably help you out!!