Friday, May 2, 2014

Death by 100 bites

The poor apple, it didn't even see it coming.


We had our latest feeding appointment this past Monday.  Timothy weighed in at 30.5 pounds and 36 inches, which is holding him steady at 10th and 25th percentiles, respectively.  The team of specialists we see were all really happy with how he is progressing and we are continuing down the road to weaning.

Jared and I were super happy that he doesn't need any increases on the feeding tube and we have the go ahead to push as much of his milk as possible by mouth first and then putting the leftovers through the feeding tube.  Right now, out of the 6 ounces he gets 3 times a day, he will drink roughly 2 ounces and then we put the 4 remaining through the tube.  I am hoping with the warmer weather enticing him outside, he will be motivated with "you can go outside as soon as your milk is finished."  :)

Other than that, not too much is going on, which is a nice change.  The weather is getting nicer and weeding has commenced.  We will be tilling up the ground next weekend, so pictures will be coming!


  1. You must be thrilled that he's making these incremental advances, Sarah, and I like your warm weather bribe idea! But what is with kids and apples? My typical eaters do this, too! I'll pick an apple up out of the bowl and find the other side all nibbled and chewed. If they had longer tails, I'd swear I had mice : P

    1. We sometimes wonder if we have a fruit bat in the house. :)