Monday, April 21, 2014


So somehow, March kinda feel off the face of the earth around here.

Here is what we were up to:

Playing OUTSIDE!  With no coat on!  Yay!

We opened a restaurant right off of our back deck that has been very popular with the locals; sometimes we develop a line on the railing and war breaks out as the patience wears out.  :)  So far we have yellow finches, red finches, sparrows, chickadees, nut hatchers, and woodpeckers (on the left, below).  We actually have a pair that visit often and we can hear them busily working throughout the neighborhood.

Timothy has been a big help with getting the seeds started for our garden!  He checks on the daily and helps water.   We recently picked up a grow light to help them along, so I am hoping to see them progress a little faster.  Granddad, we have your cherry tomatoes growing and a few dill plants to get a head start before we sow a big patch outdoors.  :)  Updates coming...

I pickled a whole batch of asparagus I picked up through a co-op.  It has been a delicious treat and my husband downs a quart at a time.  And then has terrible heartburn.  :)  He also worked a lot through March on the extra Lent and Easter services.  So glad to have him not attached to his laptop!

We also just tried to stay sane.  :)

Oh, you see that other little person in the picture?  That is the little guy I am babysitting.  We started at the end of February and will have him with us every week until the end of the school year, when his momma is done teaching for the summer.  He is 18 months, the same size as Timothy, and is just a happy little guy.  We have been learning how to share and Timmy is really enjoying having someone to play with and wrestle.  I am very happy that the weather is getting nicer and all three of us can be outside.  So is Tigger!  :)  You won't see any other pics of him on here, but just know that life at our house has been a little busier and will continue to be for a little while longer.

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