Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The story behind a good picture

How many pictures does it take to get "the picture"?
(no one screaming or sticking a finger up his nose and everyone smiling and looking at the camera)

(pretty high standards, no?)

1. Timothy screaming, Eli staring, Jared trying to get T to smile

2. Big boys look good, T still fussing and E still staring

3.  Almost there...

4. Lost the Eli smile...

5.  Smile back, hiding behind hands, Jason's smile is waning...

6. Momentary loss of interest of all parties involved

7. Finger up the nose, T is now staring

8. Too many cameras involved, lack of eye contact

9.  Aaaaaaand, the little boys are done.

10.  The keeper!  This one happened about halfway through the session.
So we decided to add the girls...

Great other than Timothy falling apart.

Okay, enough...boys done as are their relatives.  We called this one early.
Shots of Papa and Nana with the boys were discussed, but are being saved for next time.

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