Monday, September 24, 2012

Hexagon Love

I finished the hexagon table runner!  It ended up being too short for the buffet, where it was intended to be, but fits perfectly on the table and I have more hexagon plans for the buffet in the future... Unfortunately, it isn't going to be on the table very long because I made this to be our everyday table runner and I have a fall something being made right now.  After Christmas it should have a nice long stretch out of the closet and will hopefully have a coordinating companion on the buffet.  Please don't mind the quilt on the chair seat, but that is Tigger's favorite chair to lay on and the blanket is a quick fix to cat-hair-on-your-rear-end syndrome.  I forgot to take it off before I took the picture (and all of the stuff on the cupboard too).  :)

I am enjoying the fact that it matches our wedding china's soft gray band.  We don't use our china very often right now, but I feel like this dresses it down a bit so I think we will use it more often.

~ hand quilted love ~

I even gave some napkins hexagon love by hand stitching a leftover hexagon in the corner.  The napkins are made out of flour sack towels!  :)

Even better, Sew Mama Sew is having a contest right now for handmade tableware.  I love it when it works out like that.  Hopefully I'll win a sweet prize to fund the next project.  :)


  1. I love how it turned out! It looks great. Maybe it will inspire me to try my hand at something like it. After all my Christmas crochet projects are done of course.

  2. So cute, Sarah! I love the fabric. I'm intimidated by hexagons -- so many edges to line up. Hope you win something!

  3. i love the fabric and colors! i said to luke, "ohhh, maybe she'll make me one of those, too." but then, maybe it's my turn to make you something. ;)