Tuesday, June 19, 2012

There was once a woman named Hazel...

I start my story with this statement:  I never had the privilege of meeting Hazel, but I wish that I had.  Hazel was a quilter and member of the quilt guild that I belong to.  Hazel saved every piece of fabric and scrap.  Hazel passed away (I believe she was in her 90s) and the quilt guild inherited her fabric stash about a year before I joined the guild.

Fast forward one year.  The quilt guild had a chinese auction.  I decided to bid on a mystery box of fabric labeled a "Hazel prize" not knowing who Hazel was.  I happened to win the Hazel box and inherited a collection of fabric that is older than I.  Some good, some bad.  :)

I add to my stash a large collection of gingham, a couple of plaids and some fun vintage prints.

I also picked up some not so lovely pieces that I am going to put away for the next ugly fabric exchange.  :)

 I even picked up a little treasure by Hazel herself.

I am looking forward to incorporating this fabric into some projects soon.  Thank you Hazel!

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